I. Description and general information

1. Organizers: The contest is organized by the "Asociatia Suport Regiunea Centru", the LearnEX team, contest coordinator: Patricia Preda.

2. Contest Categories

Juniors in Programming: addressed to children in primary cycle and involves making an application / game in any platform, using block programming with regards to the given topic.
Example platforms: AppInventor, Scratch, Microbit, CodeMonkey

Children in STEM: addressed to young people from gymnasium/secondary cycle, proposes the creation of an application / game in a platform that allows you to write code. (You can choose any platform as long as the block programming function is NOT used).
Platform example: Roblox Lua, Swift Playgrounds, etc.

Young people in IT: divided into two subcategories, for upper secondary school (high school) and university students, whether you like applications (C, C ++, C #, Java), games (Unity) or embedded systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), the choice is yours. Participation is allowed in teams of up to 3 people. The only enemy is time, 3 days and a tailor-made challenge awaits you.

3. Registration and Lodaing Projects

Registrations are made by filling in the following form: Registration Link and start on February 8.

The projects (code) will be uploaded by all categories by the deadline (April 18).

Along with the code, a video will be uploaded to answer the following questions:

- What is the connection with the topic?

- To what extent can it be implemented in reality?

- What was the source of inspiration?

- To what extent can it improve the quality of life?

- What was the part you were most proud of about this project?

For categories I and II, the video will be uploaded at the same time as the source code. (April 18). For category III, the video will be uploaded on April 19, giving participants an extra day to make it.

The topic for the application / game will be published on the social networks and the web page of the event according to the calendar.

4. Contest Calendar

February 1, 2021 - Registration opens

April 5, 2021 - Topic launch for categories I and II

April 5, 2021 - April 16, 2021 - IT Conferences

April 16, 2021 - Topic launch for category III (Hackathon)

April 18 until 23:59, 2021 - Project upload deadline.

II. Eligibility Criteria

Category I eligibility: Participants must be in the primary cycle of education.

Category II eligibility: Participants must be in the secondary cycle/gymnasium.

Category III eligibility: All team members must be part of the same education cycle, either upper secondary school (high school) or university students.

The organizers are not responsible for any copyright infringement.

The project must be completed within the terms mentioned in the competition.
( Categories I and II: April 5 - April 18, Category III: April 16 - April 18)

Registered projects that promote illegal, violent or discriminatory activities will be disqualified.

III. Rights and Obligations


To present their projects in other competitions / seminars

Use the term participant / winner for advertising purposes


To comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in this document

To provide their real data in the registration document

Do not use offensive terms, violent or illegal actions in the application or game developed

All contestants aged under 18 at the date of the competition MUST submit the parental form when registering. (The form MUST be printed, hand signed and submitted. The form can be found at the bottom of this page.

IV. Juding

Judging criteria:





The jury consists of professionals, students and LearnEX mentors.

Parental consent for under 18